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Give Program: Giving Resources and Hope to the Homeless Community

The Give Program is a a fund setup and disbursed by 26 & Co to provide monetary support and resources to the homeless across America. For every purchase made by our customers, a portion of the proceeds are donated to a homeless support organization.


There are 3 tiers of giving back that you will fall into when you purchase from 26 & Co. Give10 Save10, Give5 Save5 and Give are all setup to donate a portion of the subtotal from your orders to local organizations, homeless populations and partnering with organizations to ensure that these resources reach the people who need them the most.

 Check out the program tiers below:

Give10 Save10  Give5 Save5 Give
  • Every purchase at 26 & Co receives an affiliate code and when your friends and family use your code they save 10% and we donate 10%
  • When you sign up for our email list you receive a discount code to save 5% OFF your first order AND we donate 5%
  • Every purchase made on 26 & Co's website automatically results in 2.6% of your total being donated to the fund
  • Fund is disbursed monthly to organizations that support the homeless in your community/city
  • Fund is disbursed monthly to organizations chosen by the President of 26 & Co
  • Fund is disbursed monthly to organizations chosen by the President of 26 & Co
  • Your tribe made a huge impact and feel really great about yourselves
  • You made a big difference in someone's life and you feel really good about it
  • You made a difference in someone's life

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